• We've arrived in New Zealand

    We are pleased to announce InsuranceCONNECT has arrived in New Zealand. We have already had a great response from our Kiwi cousins to our cornerstone product UnderwriterCENTRAL.

    While our countries are great competitors on the sporting field with the signing of our first New Zealand client (Rosser Underwriting), we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship in the land of the long white cloud.

  • The processing power behind Steadfast Underwriting Agencies

    With Steadfast's recent acquisitions UnderwriterCENTRAL provides a signifant and growing part of the processing power behind Steadfast Underwriting Agencies.

  • Presentation to Lloyd's of London

    InsuranceCONNECT were invited to speak at Lloyd's of London, as key contributors to 'Project Tomorrow' - Lloyd's automated coverholder integration project, 4th June 2015.

    Andrew Bennett (CEO of InsuranceCONNECT) presented to over 200 representatives of the Lloyd's market including Syndicates, Coverholders, Vendors and Lloyds Brokers. He presented advice, guidance and the experience of InsuranceCONNECT as key vendor in the delivery of 'Project Tomorrow'. It was a great honor for Andrew to present at this forum and was humbled by the response.

    The Lloyd's direct interface is now available and part of InsuranceCONNECT's connectorUC product and is a world's first.

  • AAMGA's Conference in Seattle

    Andrew Bennett (CEO of InsuranceCONNECT) was given the opportunity to speak at the American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA) Conference in Seattle for their Annual Meeting 2015.

    Andrew spoke as part of the London Panel regarding the world first XML Bordereau Integration Project we are currently working on with Lloyds, which takes an XML Bordereau and automatically feeds it straight to Lloyds.

  • Team 'iconnectors' @ Microsoft Ignite in Chicago

    A team from InsuranceCONNECT travelled in May 2015 to Chicago to attend one of the largest conferences in the world. With over 23,000 attendees the Microsoft Ignite Conference is all about the future of Microsoft technologies. As a Microsoft partner and with our new cloudUC offering (UnderwriterCENTRAL as a Service) being delivered using Microft Azure technology, it was a great opportunity to learn about all the new features on the horizon.

    It was particularly valuable to gain a broad understanding on how we can bring greater efficiencies to our products and thus to our clients businesses.

  • ACORD Forum Australia 2014

    InsuranceCONNECT were given the opportunity to attend and speak at the Sydney ACORD Forum, November 20th - 21st, 2014.

    Andrew Bennett (CEO of InsuranceCONNECT) and Simon Lightbody (CEO of Steadfast Underwriting Agencies) delivered a 45 minute presentation on Underwriting Automation for Cover Holders. Both Andrew and Simon drew on their vast industry experience, particularly noting the current Lloyds automated bordereau transfer project, "Project Tomorrow" as the driver for their presentation content.

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    We have arrived in NZ
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    processing power behind Steadfast
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    Lloyd's of London Presentation 2015
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    AAMGA Conference in Seattle 2015
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    Microsoft Ignite Chicago 2015
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    ACORD Forum Australia 2014

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